Dance media 2016


In the 2016 dance year, the Tanja Liedtke Foundation and the umbrella organization Tanz Deutschland launched the joint initiative "Tanz medial" to strengthen the media presence of dance. Bringing dance as a form of artistic expression - physically present and intellectually reflected, emotional and visual - to a large audience is the long-term goal here.

In three discussion forums, with project presentations, discussion of technical and aesthetic developments as well as public events, "Tanz medial" brought together more than 100 dance creators, dance filmmakers, scientists, media experts and cultural promoters.

For the first time, the various players in the field of "Tanz medial" came together: Dance filmmakers discussed with film producers how dance on stage can be translated into the language of film. Dance film festivals such as "POOL", "Tanzrauschen" or "Choreographic Captures" showed the enormous public interest in dance in film and video dance art.

Pioneering technologies such as 3D and 360o recordings were presented at the Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute and the Media City Atelier and tested experimentally with dance creators. Websites such as and show how attractively contemporary dance can be presented on the Internet. On editorially supervised Internet platforms, the diversity of dance can also be experienced in the context of the recent history of dance.

For the first time, a large network of those who can present dance in the medium of film or video and thus reach a large audience has been created.

The public media are also increasingly interested in interactive forms of dance films and dance video art.

Here  you can find the brochure of the project "Tanz medial" as PDF (only in German).