Current projects and funding programs of the German Federal Dance Association

Through initiatives and projects, the Germand Dance Association advances the nationwide issues of dance and its impact in many areas of society. Here we present our ongoing projects and funding programs.


DIS-TANZEN is a two-part funding program and, within the framework of Neustart Kultur, part of the dance assistance program, consisting of a subprogram for solo self-employed dance professionals (DIS-TANZ SOLO) and an impulse funding for dance schools and cultural institutions with dance education (DIS-TANZ-IMPULS).


DIS-TANZ-START is a support program for graduates and part of NEUSTART KULTUR. With this support program, the German Dance Association enables young dancers to join the professional dance scene in Germany after their training - even in times of pandemic.


With tanz:digital (dance digital), the German Dance Association in cooperation with dance archives, production houses and the model projects funded within the project, is pursuing the goal of making dance a virtual and immersive experience and presenting it online.

The 3rd round of calls for proposals has started, click here for the application form!


Deutscher Tanzpreis

The German Dance Award is the most prestigious prize for artistic dance in Germany.
It has been awarded annually since 1983 to current present by the Dachverband Tanz.



Symposium Positions:Dance is an annual public conference dealing with current issues and developments in the dance scene, organized by Dachverband Tanz Deutschland.



Kreativ-Transfer is a funding program in the fields of performing arts, visual arts and games to support the international networking and visibility of companies, artists, producers and other creative professionals.


Tanzpakt Stadt Land Bund

TANZPAKT Stadt-Land-Bund is a joint initiative of municipalities, federal states and the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media to promote excellence in dance.



The Tanzland - Fonds für Gastspielkooperationen, 2017 to 2021 under the auspices of the German Dance Association, promotes long-term cooperation between dance ensembles and INTHEGA theaters. From 2021, the Federal Cultural Foundation will continue the program.

Tanz aus Deutschland | Dance Update Germany

Tanz aus Deutschland (Dance update Germany) is a pilot project of the German Dance Association, which is launching a joint presence of dance from Germany for the first time. Meeting and dialogue formats are being developed for a presence at the internationale tanzmesse nrw (Düsseldorf, Germany) and at the festival with conference CINARS (Montreal, Canada).



In reaction to the huge number of artist leaving Ukraine due to the war the webiste was created.

The initiative by the German Dance Association in cooperation with the BBTK and Praetorian Non-Profit Art and Health Consulting was a motivation and starting point for ensembles and theaters to support refugee artists with training spots and working oportunities, if possible. In a next step the German Dance Association started a new funding program, thanks to the finanical support of the BKM.


Digital Atlas of Dance

In 2018, the German Dance Association  took over the materials of the Digital Atlas of Dance from the Akademie der Künste. The Digital Atlas of Dance is an initiative of five German dance archives to present unique cultural heritage of dance in connection with contemporary dance online. The plattform needs to be rebuilt. In this context, solutions must first be found for the enormous legal, technological, and factual difficulties involved. The project is connected to tanz digital.

Travel and accommodation funding

in the context of dance pedagogical advanced and further trainings.
The DTD invites applications for the funding of travel and accommodation expenses in the context of dance pedagogical further education. The funding is intended to support participation in in-service training courses that extend over a longer period of time.