Archive of former projects and funding programs of the German Dance Association (selection)

Through initiatives, conferences and projects, the German Dance Association advances the nationwide issues of artistic dance and its impact in many areas of society. Learn more about our work and be inspired to join us in shaping the future of dance.


Reise- und Aufenthaltskosten-Förderung (2023)

im Rahmen von Tanzpädagogischen Fort- und Weiterbildungen.
Der DTD schreibt die Förderung von Reise- und Aufenthaltskosten im Rahmen von tanzpädagogischen Fort- und Weiterbildungen aus. Mit der Förderung soll die Teilnahme an berufsbegleitenden Fortbildungen gefördert werden, die sich über einen längeren Zeitraum erstecken.

Tanz aus Deutschland | Dance Update Germany

Tanz aus Deutschland (Dance update Germany) is a pilot project of the German Dance Association, which is launching a joint presence of dance from Germany for the first time. Meeting and dialogue formats are being developed for a presence at the internationale tanzmesse nrw (Düsseldorf, Germany) and at the festival with conference CINARS (Montreal, Canada).



In reaction to the huge number of artist leaving Ukraine due to the war the webiste was created.

The initiative by the German Dance Association in cooperation with the BBTK and Praetorian Non-Profit Art and Health Consulting was a motivation and starting point for ensembles and theaters to support refugee artists with training spots and working oportunities, if possible. In a next step the German Dance Association started a new funding program, thanks to the finanical support of the BKM.



The Tanzland - Fonds für Gastspielkooperationen, 2017 to 2021 under the auspices of the German Dance Association, promotes long-term cooperation between dance ensembles and INTHEGA theaters. From 2021, the Federal Cultural Foundation will continue the program.

Digital Atlas of Dance

In 2018, the German Dance Association  took over the materials of the Digital Atlas of Dance from the Akademie der Künste. The Digital Atlas of Dance is an initiative of five German dance archives to present unique cultural heritage of dance in connection with contemporary dance online. The plattform needs to be rebuilt. In this context, solutions must first be found for the enormous legal, technological, and factual difficulties involved. The project is connected to tanz digital.

Export promotion - focus on dance (2016 to 2018)

Strengthening the visibility of contemporary dance produced in Germany by supporting networking activities.


Dance in media (2016)

In the 2016 dance year, the Tanja Liedtke Foundation and the German Dance Association in cooperation with K3 - Zentrum für Choreographie | Tanzplan Hamburg launched the joint initiative "Tanz medial" to strengthen the media presence of dance.


Dance year Germany (2016)

With the campaign "Dance Year Germany 2016", the dance scene has celebrated dance in a variety of ways and advanced issues of content. Learn more about the various special events and groundbreaking plans for dance!


Conference of the Association of German Dance Archives (2016)

The two-day conference of the Association of German Dance Archives took place under the title "Creating Access! How science and art can benefit from the cultural heritage of dance" took place at the German Dance Archive Cologne in October 2016. Learn more about the Cologne Declaration of Dance Archives and further results.


Conference “Intangible Cultural Heritage and Innovation” (2015)

As part of the EU project ITN-DCH, the international symposium ICH+I: Focus Dance on the documentation and visualization of the cultural heritage of dance took place from November 15-18, 2015. The symposium was organized by Dachverband Tanz Deutschland in cooperation with the Initiial Training Network for Digital Cultural Heritage.


Symposium "Dance and Politics" (2014)

On May 7, 2014, a symposium on the development of possible and necessary structures for dance professionals was held on the initiative of the German Dance Association in cooperation with numerous partners and networks. What can structures achieve? Can structures help dance gain more visibility? What conditions and contemporary funding instruments does dance need? The dance demands discussed formed the basis for a long-term funding program for dance supported by the federal, state and local governments.


European Video Dance Heritage (2013 bis 2015)

As part of the EU project European Video Dance Heritage, leading dance houses, information centers, artists' groups, archives and dance film festivals have joined forces for the first time in Europe to launch the presence of dance in the new media in the EU project "European Video Dance Heritage". The umbrella organization Tanz Deutschland was involved in the implementation of a symposium in Düsseldorf and has since maintained cooperation with the multimedia dance platform