And why is this important for us?

In the Federal Association of Dance in Germany, the nationally relevant positions on the development of the dance landscape in Germany are developed by the members in working groups, then discussed in the association, decided by the members (or translated into recommendations for action), and finally brought to the attention of actors in the dance sector, sponsors, and cultural policy via the board and the office. To this end, the umbrella organization initiates or supports studies and research and is working on a structured overview of the dance sector.

All of this is important in order to describe the diversity of the dance scene in a comprehensible way for cultural politicians and the public and to inform them about the structures that are needed to develop, maintain and promote the scene.

As part of the creative economy, dance is not only socially relevant in every city and region, but also a location and economic factor. For example, dance festivals have a major impact on the attractiveness of a region.

Local dance schools with offerings for every age group are part of the recreational sports scene and thus contribute to the health of the population. As places of education, they are also part of the promotion of young talent and provide the foundations for a later semi-professional or professional activity in the artistic field.

As experts in the dance scene, we pool knowledge about dance and communicate at all levels with interested parties and partners, because we know the strengths of dance in its diversity very well and at the same time can best judge how and why dance is either developing very well or where there is still potential. We are lobbying in the very best sense, for a cause of which we are fully convinced and which we would not want to miss in our society.

Dance is: elixir of life, ancient ritual, collective experience, joy of movement, cross-cultural language, organization of space and time, medium, fleeting beauty, HipHop, TikTok and so much more!