Networking of the Dance Scene

Germany has a diverse dance landscape. Around 60 ensembles at municipal and state theaters, 1,000 independent groups and 10,000 artists work professionally in artistic dance. Every year, dance at permanent theaters receives around 100 million euros in funding, with approximately 10 million euros going to independent productions.

The German Dance Association (Dachverband Tanz Deutschland) is committed to networking the dance scene within the framework of general meetings, board meetings, expert meetings (so-called InfoPlus meetings), workshops, working groups and symposia. This requires an intensive examination of the already existing dance structures and initiatives in the individual federal states and the establishment of contacts with active dance creators and dance mediators. The Dachverband Tanz Deutschland follows the developments of the scene, is present at dance events and compiles overviews and position papers for cultural policy, which provide insights into the very diverse dance scene and cultural and creative industries in Germany.

Currently, members of the German Dance Association are active in various standing expert committees (StFA) and working groups according to their field of work and expertise:

Expert Committees within the German Dance Association:

StFA I - Ensembles and artists

StFA II - Production and Structures

StFA III - Dance education / dance pedagogy

StFA IV - Dance science, archives and journalism


Association of German Dance Archives (Verbund Deutscher Tanzarchive)

The German Dance Association is committed to the preservation and better equipment of dance archives in the network of German dance archives and supports corresponding symposia and model projects. Together we want to generate more attention for the often invisible work that contributes to safeguarding the German dance heritage.

The BBTK represents the permanent ballet and dance ensembles at theaters in Germany

You can find thrilling dance productions not only in well known cities like Stuttgart, Hamburg and Wuppertal, but also in Cottbus, Münster and Neustrelitz. Get to know the approximately 60 ballet and dance theater ensembles working at municipal and state theaters in Germany and discover new productions. The website "Ballet and Dance Theater Ensembles in Germany" is a joint project of the Federal German Ballet and Dance Theater Directors Conference (BBTK) and the German Dance Association.


DANCE: Establishing Relationships

What role can and should dance play locally, nationally and globally in the future? What unique potential does dance have for a changing society and how can this interrelationship be best supported through cultural policy? People from dance, politics and
academia will be discussing these and further questions. DANCE: Move the Future is an event series organised by the Dachverband Tanz Deutschland in co-operation with the Dance Platform Germany 2022, the Dance Congress 2022 and the internationale tanzmesse nrw 2022.

Regional Dance Offices

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Zeitgenössischer Tanz

TanzRaumBerlin TanzRaumBerlin

Tanzbüro München www.tanzbü

Landesverband TanzSzene

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Dachverband freie Darstellende Künste Hamburg

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