Qualification: workshops and further training opportunities

As an interface between dance practice, dance production, documentation, dance education, dance science and medicine as well as cultural policy and society, Dachverband Tanz Deutschland (German Dance Association) combines expert knowledge in all areas of dance and makes it accessible. To this end, the German Dance Association cooperates with existing structures and designs mediation programmes in the form of practice-oriented qualifications focusing on career development, working conditions, key qualifications and health. The programmes are developed from our communication with members, networks, dance producers and dance professionals.

Here you will find an overview of current workshops and further training opportunities in which the Dachverband Tanz is involved.


Orientation and Consulting

...for freelancers (dancers, choreographers, dance teachers)

...for ensembles

...for associations

...for dance schools and other active partners in dance

Current qualification workshops can be found under "Qualification".


Exchange: Round tables and working groups

The German Dance Association initiates and/or supports the following events:

Runder Tisch Tanzförderung

Runder Tisch Tanzmedizin

Runder Tisch Tanzarchive und Tanzsammlungen

Arbeitskreis Tanzförderung Stadt-Land-Bund



With the InfoPlus initiative, the Dachverband Tanz Deutschland (DTD) has been supporting the exchange and networking between independent producers, agents, managers and freelance production offices since 2012.

The DTD invites producers to InfoPlus producer meetings at irregular intervals - until 2019 several times a year in different cities in Germany.

Since 2019, the DTD has focused on international, particularly European, networking and the international exchange of producer expertise as part of its Creative Transfer program:

  • In the programme Kreativ-Transfer, producers have the opportunity to receive funding to attend international trade fairs/festivals or to realize strategic projects - in order to build and expand their international network and strengthen their visibility (and that of the performing arts made in Germany) on the international market.
  • - International producer meetings have been taking place (live and online) since 2016,
  • - in 2020 - together with the French producers' network LAPAS - the European network PAMPA (Producers, Agents, Managers in the Performing Arts) was launched
  • - in 2024/25, a companionship program will be implemented together with produktionsbande - network performing arts producers - an exchange program for producers on the topics of international relations, networking and contexts.

The following topics are part of the producer meetings and programs: The self-image, role and position of independent producers, agents and managers, the working relationship between producers and artists, fee calculation and working conditions, the promotion of producers and production offices, the expansion of international networking and the international transfer of know-how, etc.