The following information and documents must be prepared and submitted for the application:


  •     Personal information
  •     Resume
  •     If applicable, name of the company and the corresponding e-mail address
  •     Description of the artist*s working methods and current and planned productions (max. 2,500 characters incl.   spaces)
  •     Letter of motivation: Description of the motivation to present one's own artistic work in the context of the project "Dance Update Germany" and to exchange ideas on topics of dance in Germany (max. 2,500 characters incl. spaces)
  •     Brief explanation on the estimation of expected travel costs (e.g. 2nd class train ride), accommodation costs and daily allowances. The regulations of the Federal Travel Expenses Act are to be observed (in German: Bundesreisekostengesetzes)

Please note that the application form is only availlable in German. However it is possible to use English within the German application form. If it makes the application process easier for you, you can hand in your resume, the description of the working methods and the motivation letter in English.

Note on the letter of motivation

For what reasons is participation in the international dance fair nrw 2022 as part of the project "Dance from Germany" interesting to you as a meeting and dialogue space? Which goals do you pursue with the participation and which expectations do you have? It is possible to make reference to a thematic focus or to a topic that is important from your point of view for the dance scene in Germany in your letter of motivation. Possible topics could be: dance for young audiences, sustainability, cultural-political dialogue, social issues in dance, diversity, inclusion, etc.

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