Day of action on 13 September 2024 in Berlin



The action day at the Brandenburg Gate will take place on 13 September 2024!


On September 13, 2024, together with Bureau Ritter and JOINT ADVENTURES / NATIONALES PERFORMANCE NETZ, we are planning the "Dance creates cohesion" day of action in Berlin.

Be there, show your dance, show your projects

In the center of Berlin - in front of the Brandenburg Gate - we will show the power and creativity of dance to connect people. With performances and lecture demonstrations, hands-on activities, interviews and jam sessions, we want to engage in a great exchange of experiences. We want to network, encourage each other and dance together.
The day will culminate in a large demonstration with dance and for dance. Statements by artists and politicians will be interspersed with music and dance. The diversity and potential of dance will be made visible in the public space and brought into the political conversation. We want to talk and dance together - #TogetherWeDance!

Who can get involved and how?  

Dance creators and companies whose projects make the theme of "dance creates cohesion" visible and can serve as best-practice examples of active bridge-building in our society are invited to take part.  

    How do you convey and practice socially educational themes in your dance work?  

    What contribution does your project make to strengthening cohesion and encounters at eye level through dance?  

    Whether on stage or in other spaces - how is community thematized and implemented through dance?  

    Interactive projects as well as performances that deal with the central theme of cohesion are welcome.  

We explicitly invite representatives of all dance genres to participate! The diversity of our diverse dance scene should be represented and seen on this day of action.

Program design

A program of 3 hours will be built from short performances and lecture-presentations. Anyone interested can take part in the presentation islands and find out about the projects in discussion rounds.

Location: The projects will be presented on a stage on Pariser Platz and on presentation islands in front of the Brandenburg Gate.

Stage and technology: There will be a raised stage with a dance floor measuring approx. 9 m x 10 m, as well as microphones and a music system. Unfortunately, we cannot provide lighting/spotlight equipment. 

Presentation islands: A large number of presentation islands are available for individual lecture presentations (posters, flyers, material) and the subsequent discussions.  

Time frame: Your performance or presentation of the project should have a maximum duration of 15 minutes.  

Costs and expenses: We can cover travel costs and accommodation for the selected presentations. We will take care of the catering for the day and pay a lump sum of €75.00 per performer or participant in the presentation. For professional artists we can pay a performance fee of 150,00 € according to NPN.

How and by whom are the projects selected? A selection for the program will be made from all submissions. The selection is intended to show the different dance cultures and the diversity of the projects. The selection group consists of Dhélé Agbetou, Sabine Gehm, Helge Letonja and Rajyashree Ramesh.  

How can I participate? You can find the form for submitting your projects here:

We need your information by June 10, 2024 at the latest! Thank you!!!

WHEN will I be informed if my entry has been selected?  

We will inform all selected projects by June 21, 2024.  

Contact: aktionstag(at)

We look forward to your submissions!


An initiative of Dachverband Tanz Deutschland in co-operation with Bureau Ritter and JOINT ADVENTURES / NATIONALES PERFORMANCE NETZ.