European Video Dance Heritage

As part of the EU project European Video Dance Heritage, leading dance houses, information centers, artists' groups, archives and dance film festivals have joined forces for the first time in Europe to launch the presence of dance in new media. The EU project was coordinated by the Maison de la Danse in Lyon, France.

Participating partners included:

numé, France

La Maison de la Danse, France

Study Centre of the Teatro Stabile Torino, Italy

Fábrica de Movimentos, Portugal

Instituto Universitario de Danza Alicia Alonso, Spain

International Music and Media Center (IMZ), Austria

National Audiovisual Institute, Poland

Zbigniew Raszewski's Theater Institute, Poland

Loikka Dance Film Festival, Finland

Vlaams Theater Instituut, Belgium

German Dance Film Institute Bremen, Germany

German Dance Archive Cologne, Germany

iRights, Germany

Dachverband Tanz Deutschland was involved in the implementation of a symposium held in Düsseldorf from September 13-15, 2013, and has since maintained a collaboration with the multimedia dance platform is managed and coordinated by the Maison de la Danse, in Lyon, and was created on the initiative of director Charles Picq, who worked closely with the French National Center for Dance (CDN) to develop the platform.

The digital platform provides free access to a diverse video database of productions, documentaries, interviews and other footage related to the theme of Tan. It is available in English and French.