Funding program tanz digital enters 2nd round of calls for proposals.

With tanz digital, dance artists, dance ensembles and dance institutions (including dance and theater houses, venues, archives, dance schools, mediation formats and participatory projects) are to be strengthened in the medial presentation of artistic productions.

In the current situation, many initiatives and projects show that there is great potential for visibility and innovation in artistic-media productions, e.g., in new recording techniques, specific choreographies, narrative modes, and new perspectives on stage events, or in productions and forms of presentation created specifically for the online world.

The goals of tanz digital are the development of innovative choreographic/artistic formats and the testing of new recording and production formats - e.g. working with bodycams, 3D and 360o recording techniques, VR and AR applications, streaming and video-on-demand productions, format development for social networks and gaming.

On the one hand, the call is intended to promote innovative approaches that experiment with new formats and technologies. On the other hand, the application and transformation of already proven formats for work with a larger ensemble and for a large audience should also be promoted.

Applications should therefore include information about the ensemble's working methods, ongoing and planned productions, and information about audience reach.

Funding is available for the medial realization of dance-artistic and dance-pedagogical / dance-mediating projects. Eligible for funding are related personnel and fee costs, travel expenses, material costs and acquisitions.

Within this framework, it is also a concern to strengthen the cooperation between dance artists and dance archives. The amount of funding is up to 60.000 €. A contribution of 10% in cash is required for all projects.

Information about the applicant, a project description, a cost and financing plan and, if applicable, a letter of intent from the cooperation partner (in the case of cooperation with a dance archive) must be submitted. Applications must be submitted exclusively via an application form at:

Eligible to apply are natural persons and legal entities with (residence) in Germany and working focus in dance. The deadline for submission is Monday, January 31, 2022. An independent jury of dance and media experts will decide on the applications at the end of February 2022.

The projects must be implemented between the beginning of March and December 2022. If possible, they should be presented on a technical platform developed by Dachverband Tanz Deutschland together with member institutions and associations and can also go online on the applicant's own websites and platforms.

The Dachverband Tanz Deutschland is the sponsor of TANZ DIGITAL - part of NEUSTART KULTUR, the rescue and future program of the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media.


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