tanz:digital II Jury

Claudia Rosiny

Claudia Rosiny has been responsible for the performing arts at the Federal Office of Culture, Bern, since 2021, and was previously responsible for dance and theatre from 2012. In addition, she teaches and publishes, among others: Tanz Film, Intermediale Beziehungen zwischen Mediengeschichte und moderner Tanzästhetik, Bielefeld: transcript 2013, Zeitgenössischer Tanz. Körper, Konzepte, Kulturen, Bielefeld: transcript 2007. She finished theatre, film and television studies in Cologne and Amsterdam and completed her doctorate at the University of Bern with a thesis on video dance. She directed the dance festival Berner Tanztage from 1991 to 2007 and established a forum for media and design at the Kornhaus Bern from 1998 to 2007. After a fellowship stay in New York City in 2008-2009, she was a consultant and project manager at the Swiss Dance Archive, now SAPA (Swiss Archive of the Performing Arts), from 2009 to 2012.

Csongor Baranyai

When Csongor Baranyai is not designing games or other interactive experiences, he tries to teach them to others or thinks about them. He has been working as a game and narrative designer for more than 15 years, in the past as a full-time permanently employed, sometimes freelance, happy to work on his own projects. Since 2016, he has been a professor of game design at the UE University of Europe for Applied Sciences in Berlin. As a studied film and television dramaturge, with experience as a music journalist, as a passionate game designer, he believes in the possibilities of digitalization and the media convergence.  



Guido Markowitz

Guido Markowitz has been director of the Ballett Theater Pforzheim since 2015. Aesthetically, as an internationally experienced choreographer of ballet, musical and musical theater, the dancer, who was classically and contemporarily trained at the Iwanson International School of Dance in Munich, among others, and who enjoyed permanent engagements at the municipal stages of Münster and the Staatstheater Darmstadt, developed a clear line. Existential themes of time and art are staged in a variety of ways on the basis of a contemporary understanding of dance and with the inclusion of other arts.


Annina Zwettler

Since 2014 Annina Zwettler is a program and digital strategy manager at ARTE Deutschland. In her role she works on the European broadcaster’s distribution and digital properties strategy and follows new storytelling formats for social media platforms and short form webseries. Yet she continues to work coordinating factual content for linear broadcast and keeps track of required format developments. Before she worked as a curator and project manager at the ZKM – Center of Art and Media Karlsruhe and Technisches Museum Wien. Annina Zwettler studied arts and media management at the University of Passau and Salzburg. She lives in Baden-Baden, Germany and Vienna, Austria.


Nader Ait-Laouad

Nader Ait Laouad is a Berlin-based independent filmmaker born in Germany. His roots are in Morocco. Since 2010 he has worked internationaly in multiple music video and film
productions as well in commercials for various brands such as BMW, Sony Music, Universal Music, Red Bull, Flying Steps Entertainment and many more. He works as a film director, D.O.P as well as in post-production and colour grading, marketing etc. and is the cofounder of film production company Shuto Crew.


Ágota Harmati

Ágota Harmati works as a curator at the intersection of dance, film and digital arts. She directs the Moovy dance film festival in Cologne, which offers dance films as well as a professional presentation platform for immersive dance productions, i.e. for virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality. Born in Hungary, she studied curating, art history and Romance studies and in Madrid, Cologne and Berlin, among others, at the University of the Arts.