Production and production structures in dance

The German Dance Association networks and supports freelancers, ensembles, associations, dance schools and other active partners in dance. In close cooperation with its members and in dialogue with cultural policy-makers, it develops funding instruments and initiatives designed to secure and strengthen dance structures in the long term.


Dance needs its own places and systems for cooperation and exchange. The discussion about contemporary production structures relates to both the independent sector and the permanent ensembles. In the independent sector, innovative funding models (guest performance and co-production funding) have been developed as examples for dance. For the permanent ensembles, the focus is on further dialog with the directors of the theaters and leaders in cultural policy.



Production office

The production office of the German Dance Association supports events such as the German Dance Award, festivals, symposia and network meetings and also offers event management beyond the DTD. As part of the DIS-TANZEN funding program, knowledge and experience have been pooled and expertise and services have been compiled in the form of: Guidelines

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Co-production funding

The Dachverband Tanz Deutschland itself does not currently implement any projects that promote co-productions in dance. There is a regular exchange of experience with JOINT ADVENTURES, an organisation that is responsible for the funding program NATIONAL PERFORMANCE NETWORK. This program promotes the exchange and dissemination of contemporary dance and theater within Germany and strengthens the (inter)national rotation of existing and new productions.



Guest performance promotion can be found as a topic and work task in various initiatives and projects in which the Dachverband Tanz Deutschland is involved as a sponsor or in an advisory capacity.

The Dachverband Tanz Deutschland was responsible for the successful establishment and implementation of the first program phase of TANZLAND - Program for Guest Performance Cooperations (2017 to 2021).

There is also an exchange with so called INTHEGA - Interessengemeinschaft der Städte mit Theatergastspielen e.V. (community of interest of the cities with theater guest performances)

Touring Artists

Touring Artist is an information portal where artists can find information on topics such as visa & residence, taxes, social security, transport and customs, insurances and association agreements, but also on Brexit and the current impact of the Corona pandemic on touring artist.