Funding and jury procedures with a focus on discrimination-sensitive implementation

In recent years, the German Dance Association has dealt more intensively with the topic of access - in an effort to do justice to developments in the dance scene, to support them and, where possible, to drive them forward. This also applies to the area of funding, e.g. through a simplified and accessible application process and advice for the NEUSTART KULTUR DIS-TANZ-SOLO program. This resulted in the reflection paper "Design of funding and jury procedures with a focus on discrimination-sensitive implementation using the practical example of the DIS-TANZ-SOLO funding program".

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With the two-part support programme DIS-TANZEN – a promotion programme for freelance creative-dance artists DIS-TANZ-SOLO as well as impulse funding for dance schools and dance education in cultural institutions DIS-TANZ-IMPULS, the German Dance Association supported the resumption of artistic and dance-education activities. A special focus here was on the development and testing of new forms of artistic and dance-education or dance-transfer work. The aim of DIS-TANZEN was to strengthen individual dance actors in the future and to generate innovative examples and models for the dance scene as a whole. 

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Funded as part of NEUSTART KULTUR, the national rescue programme for the cultural and media sector; project management by the Dachverband Tanz Deutschland.