Travel expense report information sheet

This information sheet serves as an introduction to the regulations of the Federal Travel Expenses Act (BRKG). It contains basic information on correct travel expense accounting as well as examples of the calculation of (foreign) daily allowances etc.

The information has been carefully researched and prepared. However, it is not legally binding and cannot replace professional legal advice.

To the document (german, pdf).


The aim of the Creative Transfer funding program is to support actors in the performing arts, visual arts and games in establishing and expanding their international network in order to improve their visibility on the international market. The programme supports the international exchange necessary for this as well as the corresponding professionalization and qualification of the actors. Specifically, Creative Transfer promotes participation in international trade fairs and festivals. This should enable artists, creatives and their representatives to present their work, make new contacts and find co-producers and clients. In addition, the programme promotes strategic projects for international marketing, networking and professionalization.


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