Medical aspects in children's and youth dance with a focus on prevention

Dance is not comparable to movement sequences in everyday life. Dance movements are highly specific, which is why prevention plays a special role - especially with regard to the training of the next generation - regardless of whether ballet, show dance or urban dance. This seminar offers a brief introduction to dance medicine with definitions of terms and an epidemiology of dance injuries, taking into account the health-promoting aspects of dance. The second part focuses on special aspects of dance for children and young people. It deals with the structure of dance lessons, training optimization and special features of children's bodies such as leg axes and growth plates. This is followed by a practical dance medicine screening with checklists and information on typical technique errors and non-functional exercises.

What can I do with children in which phase of growth? What extrinsic factors can I avoid (dance floor, shoes, etc.)? How do I know how far I can push and when it is too much - resistance and building resilience? Prevention - how do I fulfill my responsibility in my role as a teacher?


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Dr. Elisabeth Exner-Grave

Dr. med. Elisabeth Exner-Grave studied dance at the Folkwang University in Essen and medicine in Düsseldorf and Bochum. She qualified as an orthopaedic specialist in 2000 and practices in rehabilitation medicine.
She is the editor of the standard work "TanzMedizin" published by Schattauer Verlag. She worked for many years as a senior physician at the rehabilitation and training center medicos.AufSchalke in Gelsenkirchen, where she headed the competence center for dance medicine. She is a founding member of Tanzmedizin Deutschland e.V. and works as a lecturer and consultant for dance medicine in Germany and abroad. In 2016, she received the recognition award as part of the German Dance Award ceremony.



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