Dance Year Germany 2016

The project campaign "Dance Year Germany 2016" was a great success! With the three most important major German events of the dance scene in one and the same year, the "Tanzplattform Deutschland" (in Frankfurt), the "Tanzkongress" (in Hanover) and the "tanzmesse nrw" (in Düsseldorf), the scene celebrated dance under the patronage of Federal President Joachim Gauck in 2016 and advanced issues of content. Through this campaign, greater visibility for the art form of dance and its networking in all areas of society was strengthened nationally and internationally. In addition, there were numerous special events such as a congress for dance medicine, a meeting of dance archives and a symposium on dance education. We have compiled information on various events and their documentation in publications for you here.


Congress for Dance Medicine

Meeting of the dance archives

Symposium on dance pedagogy