Funded projects // 2022

In the second round, tanz:digital is funding 36 projects, which we briefly present here. Further information will be available in due course on the websites of the respective institutions.


Bayerisches Staatsballett

The Bavarian State Ballet has existed as an independent division of the Bavarian State Opera since the 1990-91 season, but its history can be traced back to the 17th century. In addition to maintaining the rich repertoire, which includes works by Ray Barra, John Cranko, Mats Ek, Jiří Kylián, John Neumeier, Hans van Manen or Peter Wright, numerous choreographers have been engaged for new creations, including Andrey Kaydanowskiy, David Dawson, Marco Goecke or Wayne McGregor. The company brings the heritage of classical ballet into dialogue with contemporary positions and offers a platform for dance languages that think ballet into the future. The repertoire is complemented by events for children and young people, outreach projects and international guest performances.

Nir de Volff / TOTAL BRUTAL

Nir de Volff / TOTAL BRUTAL cooperates with a wide range of performers and theatres, from small stages to large state theatres. Productions have been shown in numerous theatres including Odeon Paris, Grand Theatre Groningen, Rotterdamse Schouwburg, ZIL Culture Centre Moscow, SESC Pinheiros (São Paulo), Esplanade Theatre (Singapore), Bangkok National Center for Dramatic Art, Stadttheater St. Pölten (Austria), Warehouse 2 (Jaffa Port) Tel Aviv, Teatro Alle Tese (Venice), Old Court Building (Macao), Amphithéâtre de Gesù (Montréal). In Germany, Nir de Volff collaborates with numerous artists, such as She She Pop at HAU in Berlin, Falk Richter at Schaubühne Berlin, Antù Romero Nunon Thalia Theater Hamburg, Nurkan Erpulat at GORKI theatre Berlin, Katarina Niminnen at 3rd floor Volksbühne as well as with Oper register David Herman at Oper Frankfurt FFM. In summer 2017 and summer 2021 De Volff will show special projects with three Syrian dancers (refugees) from Berlin "Come as you are # Berlin , and Come as you are # Part 2.TOTAL BRUTAL is located at the edge of dance, but refuses to be clearly categorised. It is dedicated to a great discourse and reveals its provisional answers as expressive physical performances, full of poetry and humour, provided with the ethics of remaining truthful and honest. Nir de Volff is regularly invited by international theatres and dance venues to lead workshops and masterclasses on his developed movement method BBM-Breathing Bodies Movement; including at the Venice Biennale, Tanzhaus NRW, TQW-Tanzquartier Vienna, Marameo Berlin , Sala de Madera Madrid, HJS Amsterdam, La Raffinerie Brussels, Central Studio Tokyo, Sodass national University Bangkok and more.


Diego Tortelli & Miria Wurm

Since 2018, Diego Tortelli and Miria Wurm have been jointly developing independent scene dance projects in Munich that are characterised by a clear but complex formal language and aesthetics, both in terms of the choreography and the piece content and its implementation. Using modern technologies and scientific theories, they create contemporary dance pieces that reflect their personal view of the here and now. The pivotal point of each piece is clearly Tortelli's very own choreographic style, which, like a game of Tetris, splits the body into its individual parts and joints and assembles them again and again, like geometric formulas around the fixed point, the torso, sometimes surreally playful, sometimes architecturally rigid. This shows the body both in all its beauty and skill, but also in its fragility and brokenness, and thus also brings its memory traces to light in a kind of poetic abstraction.            


Since its founding in 2013, TanzFaktur has become one of the most important independent production and performance venues for contemporary dance in Cologne. The BühnenSaal, the WerksHalle with a large stage, a rehearsal stage, three additional studios and a spacious foyer provide a vibrant and creative atmosphere with a program that features premieres, international guest performances and Cologne premieres almost every weekend. With ongoing dance education formats, TanzFaktur offers an extensive weekly program ranging from ballet to contemporary dance and somatic practices. Diverse workshops and movement formats provide cultural education for all ages, for amateurs as well as professional dance practitioners.


PMD-ART Productions

The team around PMD-ART Productions wants to deal with the resonance between humans and digital landscapes in this production. BEYOND LIGHTSCAPES is a 70 minute performance for 3 dancers and interactive video mapping and tracking in real time. The KAISER Resonant Technology used for this performance allows maximum freedom for the dancers and live interaction between technology and audience in real time. For the experience of this performance in virtual reality, creoflux - Filmproduktion creates a recording in 360° - 3D with the support of the Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences.

Katapult / Mee Pinchbeck

The Immersive Dance Experience is a project of Katapult - an independent interdisciplinary studio and training space in Schöneweide, Berlin. Katapult is run by artists for artists and specializes in the principles of teamwork and artistic mutual inspiration in the fields of contemporary circus and dance. With the Immersive Dance project, the Katapult team will use technology to take audiences on a journey through emotion, sensation, movement and interaction. A series of events will take place in the summer of 2022 to showcase the project.



Volkstheater Rostock

With eight dancers, currently from five nations, the dance company of the Volkstheater Rostock is the smallest division of the Rostock theater. Katja Taranu has been the director and chief choreographer since 2013. In her work, which is mainly oriented towards modern and contemporary dance, the dancers' performing skills are in demand as well as their technical skills. The themes of their productions are always on the pulse of time. It is important to the ensemble to be close to the audience, to trace in dance what moves us and the world. The repertoire ranges from full-length choreographies and premieres of contemporary material to children's productions and experimental evenings. It is a tradition that the members of the dance company create workshops and projects, which play a significant role in the teaching of dance content as well as the artistic education of children and young people.



movingimages is a free group founded by Chris Ziegler in 2001. As an associated artist of the Institute for Visual Media at the Center for Art and Media ZKM Karlsruhe, Chris Ziegler created dance performances and installations and developed software for dance and theater such as "Bill Forsythe: Improvisation Technologies" etc. Since 2022, Chris Ziegler has been working with Kirsten Seligmüller and DOCKdigital in Berlin for the development of a competence center for dance and technology. movingimages develops prototypical immersive stages and explores VR, AR, robotics and AI to create interactive theater experiences. For movingimages, digitization in theater means engaging all senses in dialogue with the audience and finding new places of interaction for theater.


Maureen Reeor and Company

Maureen Reeor works at the interface between science and art, which is why she is assembling an interdisciplinary team from the fields of dance, acting, music, psychology and education for her project "He who sows doubt...". This team deals with the topic of "re.thinking audience" and the symbiosis of dance and digital communication. In addition, Maureen's vision is to advance Aachen as a dance city, to create new structures, and to refresh and unite the local dance landscape.


Landesbühnen Sachsen

As a mobile theater, the Landesbühnen Sachsen are represented both at the Radebeul location and at guest performances throughout Saxony with the aim of enabling participation in art and culture in rural areas. The dance company of the theater unites 12 international dancers. The program includes contemporary dance theater productions that can be danced with a small ensemble as well as works for the big stage. The company also participates in interdisciplinary productions of drama and musical theater in Radebeul and other venues. Special emphasis is placed on the creative will of the dance ensemble, as choreographers and performers. Artistic director and chief choreographer from the 2022/23 season will be Natalie Wagner. The focus will then be on networking with the independent scene and other choreographers, as well as on inter- and cross-disciplinarity.


Hochschule Düsseldorf

Performance artist and choreographer Charlotte Triebus researches with her ensemble New Human Body Society and the MIREVI (Mixed Reality & Visualization, working group at the University of Applied Sciences Düsseldorf at the interface between dance, art and technology. She combines artistic practice and theoretical research, specifically asking about the acting body, agency and queer identity relations. The MIREVI team, led by Christian Geiger, works in the field of VR/AR/MR and Human-Technology Interaction, Robotics, Digital Health and Intelligent Systems. One focus of the work is on motion-based interfaces and the use of digital technologies in art and cultural contexts. In particular, non-technical aspects of user experience and social and ethical implications are also considered.


Brigitte Huezo


Creating the metaphor of a never-ending dystopian data body, the hyperreal visibility of the cyberfeminism is explored. Through the interplay of basic analog and virtual elements, a choreographic narrative is explored and developed through movement and technology, experimenting with hybrid spaces in an installation format for "hyperreal" life. This is a collaborative project with the artists: Brigitte Huezo (choreographer and dancer), Lukas Becker (3D artist), Kerima Elfaza (3D fashion designer) and Tim Pauli (computer scientist and sound artist).


Compound Company / ARTbewegt e.V.

Since its founding in 2019, the urban-contemporary Compound Company, led by choreographer Yvonne Eibig and geologist Dr. Simon Virgo, has been researching the interface between performance and AR, and in particular the emotional reception level of digitality. With their different stylistic profiles, educational backgrounds and nationalities, the dancers of the company stand for the cultural diversity of our society and use both contemporary and urban dance languages and ways of working as equal art forms. In addition to the artistic work under the umbrella of the euregional dance network ARTbewegt, Compound accompanies, among other things, urban development projects from a cultural perspective, is involved in the urban promotion of young talent and organizes battles and other projects for young audiences.


Anna-Carolin Weber

Anna-Carolin Weber works as a dance practitioner with a focus on media choreography at the interface of artistic practice, mediation and research. As a dramaturge, she designs performance projects and choreographic processes that bring dance into confrontation with other media, and as a choreographer she realizes cross-disciplinary dance productions using video, virtual reality and photography, among other media. For more than 10 years she has been sharing and reflecting on her media choreographic approach in project work, teaching activities and international research stays: a.o. at the Ruhr-University Bochum (2016-2020), at the Bauhaus-University Weimar (2019), at the Center for Contemporary Dance/Hochschule für Musik und Tanz Köln (2010-2014), with the ensemble of Tanztheater Schlebusch (2008-2019) and at the Research Academy for Contemporary Dance and Choreography in Zurich (2017 and 2014), at the Cinémathèque Québécoise in Montreal (2019), at the Getty Research Institute in Los Angeles (2017), with Anna Halprin in San Francisco (2018), and with Movement Research in New York City (2014/15). For the virtual reality dance project I SPY WITH MY LITTLE EYE - Duets for One Head and Two Hands, Anna Carolin Weber enters into artistic collaboration with games and digital expert Tobias Kopka of Curatomic, whose work is driven by bringing people into exchange at the boundaries of their knowledge and experience. In their joint project work, Tobias Kopka and Anna Carolin Weber are interested in what new interaction experiences the combination of virtual reality and dance opens up for encounter formats in live contexts and how these can be connected - also beyond the dance and theater context - in the context of games events (Next Level / gamescom / Reboot Develop) and the demo scene (Art of Coding UNESCO Initiative).


SP.A.CE case Collective

SP.A.CE case Arrival

Light, sound, a cube, two bodies.  The exploration of SP.A.CE, a futuristic space formed by movements and thoughts. A discovery of the space itself, which is to be formed and rediscovered with all senses.Together with the audience, the two performers embark on an odyssey through space, light and sound. An atmospheric associative journey, beyond classical theater conventions, which in a 360-degree performance is intended to make it possible to experience a world that arises situationally through movement, light and sound and requires no other means of communication.
Dance is the language of the evening. Combined with the medium of light, a unique form of interaction and communication emerges. Through this connection atmospheres, image worlds and associative movement sequences are created, which let us dive out of reality into a space of fantasy for a while.
SP.A.CE case Arrival is the first episode of a multi-part performance series by the SP.A.CE case Collective, which has been in existence since 2021 and consists of Javier Ubell, Tobias Mertke, Luzie Nehls-Neuhaus and Nina Aufderheide. Together with Davide Sioni they present their SP.A.CE universe to a live audience.

DOCK 11 | DOCK digital

Copy-Catch-Match / RINGdigital interactive digital exhibition formats

Inspired by the duet "Catalogue", by William Forsythe, Brit Rodemund develops a digital dance partner with the game and system designers Varvara Rybakova, Irina Shotova. They are also developing an analogue of Felix Ruckert's "Ring" with digital dancers. Both works will be presented as exhibition formats. DOCK digital is a network with actors from digital and body art in Berlin.


Tobias Staab

Tobias Staab works as a freelance artist, dramaturge and curator. He launched a number of programs, including for the DIVE Festival of Immersive Arts, Richard Siegal / Ballet of Difference, the Oval Office in Bochum, Ruhrtriennale (2015-2017), Bauhaus100 and Ritournelle. His artistic works move in a hybrid borderland between contemporary dance, digital art and music: in Tobias Staab's work, the dancing bodies appear as imbued with potential identities and technologies, and at the same time show themselves vulnerable and mortal in their creatureliness. In immersive settings, the interplay between human performers, digital avatars and artificial intelligences creates a dialogue between analog reality and virtual reality.


UnStumm | Conceptual Development GbR

UnStumm - Conceptual Development GbR - led by Claudia Schmitz & Nicola L. Hein - stands for the interweaving of disciplines: Performing Arts, Music, Visual Arts, Literature, Philosophy, Natural Science. UnStumm pursues the conceptual, content-related development and realization of inter- and transdisciplinary projects as well as research and artistic research and is a contemporary-oriented cultural institution without a permanent home. Its diverse location reflects both the internationality and the interdisciplinarity of the cultural enterprise as well as the project-immanent conception of barrier-free art mediation. Currently UnStumm is developing projects in augmented reality in collaboration with the programmer and media artist Sven Hahne with the specially programmed app UnStumm | Augmented Voyage. Audiences can access and navigate these telematic augmented reality performances via a web-based app on their own smartphones. Downloading UnStumm's smartphone app allows audiences to participate in three-dimensional live performances as well as retrospectively visit past performances. Our augmented reality project transfers the stage space into the virtual space and integrates the real space in which the audience or the concrete user of the app is currently located, here using their own smartphone as 3D glasses. 2 For the project UnStumm| Transatlintic Movements Claudia Schmitz (Live Moving Image onto Sculpture) and Nicola L. Hein (Guitar, Electronics) invite the colleagues Maria Colusi (Dance), Brandon Collwes (Dance), Miya Masaoka (Koto, Eektronik) Kim Alpert (Videosynthesis) to a collaboration in a newly designed format of an intermedial mixed reality performance.


Theater Freiburg, Junges Tanz (School of Life and Dance)

School of Life and Dance is the name of the now six transgenerational dance groups at Theater Freiburg, led by dancer and choreographer Graham Smith. Twice a week, the respective dance enthusiasts come to Graham Smith and the dancer Maria Pires for demanding training in order to explore contemporary body and dance techniques, improvisation, composition, film work, the body as a digital interface, and much more. It is about the fundamental effect of dance on body and self-awareness and the accompanying translation of this to other areas of life. SoLD was founded with the motivation to create a sustainable structure for participatory dance projects with unusual production approaches.


Theater Bremen / Unusual Symptoms

Unusual Symptoms have been company-in-residence at Theater Bremen since 2012. Originally founded by the French-Algerian choreographer Samir Akika, the company and dance division of Theater Bremen have been co-directed by Alexandra Morales and Gregor Runge since 2018. International co-productions and work with changing guest choreographers and in interdisciplinary constellations characterize the reorientation they have undertaken, with which they have repositioned Theater Bremen's dance division at the interface between municipal theater and the independent scene. Since then, Unusual Symptoms has increasingly worked with internationally renowned choreographers such as Faye Driscoll, Máté Mészáros, Núria Guiu Sagarra and Adrienn Hód/HODWORKS. They also develop projects with young performers, exchange formats and festivals. In 2020 Unusual Symptoms and Theater Bremen were invited with two productions to Tanzplattform Deutschland.


Lucy Flournoy und Wayne Götz

The young international physical theater duo consists of theater makers Lucy Flournoy and Wayne Goetz in close interdisciplinary collaboration with artists from the fields of dance, film and new music. Their work strives to create dynamic theatrical narratives that can be experienced on multiple sensory levels. Flournoy & Götz hold the provocative view that theater should offer its audience content and pleasure in equal measure. Their high physicality and playful imagination betray their shared origins in the Physical Theatre program at Folkwang University of the Arts.



Nds. Staatsballett Hannover

Since the 2019/20 season, Marco Goecke has been the chief choreographer and ballet director of the Staatsballett Hannover, bringing a globally sought-after style to Hannover with his feverish, energetic dance language. His numerous works are danced by the world's most renowned companies and can be found in the repertoire of the Stuttgart Ballet, the Nederlands Dans Theater, the Ballet de l'Opéra de Paris, the Ballets de Monte Carlo, the Staatsballett Berlin, the Ballett Zürich and the Vienna Staatsballett, among others. Marco Goecke explores the human movement spectrum and dissects each gesture into its individual parts. In addition to the microscopic view of the body, he provides psychological glimpses into the human being's interior - including his own.


bodytalk / Yoshiko Waki

bodytalk burned its fingers last year with the VR work "How hot can 360° be?" and then lost its bearings with the "Magical Münstery Tour". We are looking forward to the new chance "Virtual Surreality" and how we fail at it ... bodytalk was founded in 2008 with remnants of the Choreographisches Theater Johann Kresnik (Opera Bonn, previously Volksbühne am Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz) by Yoshiko Waki and Rolf Baumgart, currently artist in residence at the Theater im Pumpenhaus in Münster, excellence promotion dance in NRW and various awards; motto: What happens when dance and reality collide?


Aaron Lang / BNSL Studio

Aaron Lang is a dancer and creator based in Berlin. With a background in Architecture and Sociology he works with movement through improvisation and state work in an interdisciplinary setting. BNSL studio is the collaborative practice of Maurice Wald and Felix Ansmann. Via a range of artistic media, they explore the aesthetics of artificial intelligence and ontologies of computation. With backgrounds in AI-engineering and the Anthropology of technology respectively, they investigate computational modes of thinking and their histories. Aaron Lang and BNSL studio work together on how movement is interpreted by AI and how the confrontation of the digitized and the physical body can be used for artistic research.


Sasha Waltz & Guests

Sasha Waltz & Guests was founded in 1993 by Sasha Waltz and Jochen Sandig in Berlin. Until today, numerous artists and ensembles from the fields of architecture, visual arts, choreography, film, design, literature, fashion and music from 30 countries have participated as "Guests" in over 80 productions, "dialogue" projects and films. Sasha Waltz & Guests works in an (inter)national network of production and guest performance partners and presents approximately 70 performances per year from its current repertoire of 12 active productions. In 2013, the company was named "Cultural Ambassador of the European Union". In 2014, the Fonds Darstellende Künste honored Sasha Waltz & Guests with the "george tabori ehrenpreis". In addition to the Berlin performance, national and international guest performances and repertoire maintenance, Sasha Waltz & Guests is also very active in the area of "Education & Community" - starting with the children's dance company founded in 2007, the platform "ZUHÖREN - Dritter Raum für Kunst und Politik" (Listening - Third Space for Art and Politics), which has been active since 2016, and various offers in the area of knowledge transfer. Sasha Waltz & Guests is funded by the Senate Department for Culture and Europe.


Ectoplastic UG

Modyssey Performance (AT)

The starting point of the project is the VR experience Modyssey - A Geometric Poem, which describes an individually experienceable cycle of being and becoming. The body becomes an audiovisual instrument and impulse generator of perpetual transformation. In the context of Tanz Digital, Ectoplastic and Mia Gara bring the cosmic figure of the VR Experience into the physical presence of the concert space. The basis of the cooperation is the research on the connection of motion tracking and sound generation in the project Mazetools.


Palindrome Dance e.V.

Palindrome Dance Company is an award-winning, international dance company. Its director, Robert Wechsler (chor.), grew up in the U.S., where he performed his first interactive dance with homemade electronics in 1974 - this basic idea that the body can use technology to create its own music continues to inform his work today. As a dancer in New York City in the 1980s, he was a protégé of Merce Cunningham and John Cage and graduated from Purchase College (BFA) and New York University (MA). His Palindrome Dance Company moved to Germany in 1990 and has created over 100 contemporary dance works, including winning first prize for interactive art at the 2002 Berlin Transmediale.



In-Jung Jun / Blue Elephant Company

The Blue Elephant Company was founded by dancer and choreographer In-Jung Jun. "I See You" is a VR dance film to the "Adagietto" from Gustav Mahler’s 5th symphony. It was produced in collaboration with filmmaker and media artist Olaf Hirschberg, who is also professor for time based media at Mainz University of Applied Sciences.

The film was shot with 360° technology and can be seen with a virtual reality headset. The dance takes place in a virtual world, reminiscent of the infinite expanses of space, but at the same time conveys nearness and intimacy by keeping constant eye-contact with the viewer. The film intends to preserve the intimacy of the physical body while expanding its range of expression to include digital imagery.


go plastic Company

The go plastic Company is an artistic collective that works in Dresden, Leipzig and Berlin and expresses itself discursively and interdisciplinary with the means of contemporary dance, cineastic and fashion design. In situational, productive and transparent collaborations, the collective repeatedly creates relevant, sustainable and inclusive offerings and is thus, among other things, one of the associated Künstler:innen in HELLERAU - Europäisches Zentrum der Künste. In 2013 the collective was also awarded the Arras Prize and in 2017 the Dresden Art and Science Prize. As part of the funding by the Dachverband Tanz Deutschland, the go plastic project "Asphaltwelten" will be expanded by a smartphone app in which a broad public can create contributions about social aspects, artistic theses and the social view of life outside. The users can thereby
The users can upload texts, images, audios and videos via the app, which are then sifted, sorted and processed by the go plastic company. In the further process, everything flows into a digital essay, which is to be created both as an installative version and as an interactive online version.



TanzZeit stands for dance for young people in Berlin and works at the interface of dance art and education. Founded in 2005 with the aim of anchoring contemporary dance in the school curriculum, TanzZeit today runs the project "Dance in Schools" as well as the production and performance venue TANZKOMPLIZEN, an education program for artists and teachers, its own youth company, and the dance battle format Club Oval. TanzZeit is at home in the Podewil in Berlin-Mitte.


Overhead Project

The CircusDanceFestival is a nationwide flagship project dedicated to making visible current performative forms and discourses in the interdisciplinary field of contemporary circus and dance. As a model institution networked throughout Europe, the concept is based on a combination of an annual festival in Cologne, a discipline-specific residency and co-production programme, the promotion of youth and young talent, international cooperation between dance and circus universities, the organisation of regular professional symposia, the annual publication of the magazine VOICES for academic discourse, as well as the CDFthek, which features, among other things, documentaries about artists working at the interface between contemporary dance and circus. The CircusDanceFestival was initiated by the company Overhead Project as part of the excellence funding programme TANZPAKT Stadt-Land-Bund. TANZPAKT Stadt-Land-Bund is a joint initiative of municipalities, federal states and the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media to promote excellence in dance. The project is under the overall artistic direction of Overhead Project, which has been internationally active in this field for over ten years.




TanzLabor Ulm is a platform that facilitates and promotes artistic creation in the field of dance. It was established in 2021 inside the Cultural Centre ROXY Ulm. TanzLaobr is a hub that allows dance to flourish through the four concepts of PLAY, RESEARCH, PERFORM and EXCHANGE, by offering workshops, open rehearsals, residencies, co-productions, performance and choreographic platforms, collaborations, guest performances, and cooperation's with other artistic fields. TanzLabor's Artistic Director and founder Pablo Sansalvador believes all people have the instinctive desire for movement in their DNA, TanzLabor wants to cultivate this desire and expand the expressive possibilities of dance. 

Of Curious Nature / TanzRAUM Nord

The company Of Curious Nature under the artistic direction of Helge Letonja brings together professional dancers from all over the world in the northwest of Germany. Dedicated to contemporary dance, they condense their diverse backgrounds into a multifaceted artistic identity. The movement language of the company is always intense, emotionally multifaceted between subtle inwardness and stirring energy. Drawing on the current impulses of life, the pieces of the artistic director and international guest choreographers offer a heterogeneous audience surprising, always credible points of contact with today's world in their artistic accuracy. As part of Tanz Digital, OCN has already cooperated as a pilot project with the CyberRäubern (experts in the synthesis of virtual reality and theater). The "Digital Motions Laborartory" is a VR experience that offers insights into the dancers' imaginary world and invites users to interact with dancing avatars. Based on this, the second project "Symbiosis - a vital dance tale" will be developed.



Münchner Kammerspiele

The Münchner Kammerspiele is an experimental spoken theater. With the directorship of Barbara Mundel, they expand their activities in the field of dance and initiate interdisciplinary projects. Since 20/21 they have created pieces with Dance On Ensemble & Ivana Müller, Doris Uhlich and Falk Richter & Anouk van Dijk. Pieces by Saša Asentić, Michiel Vandefelde, Yasmeen Godder and the production with Serge Aimé Coulibaly requested here are in preparation.

Coulibaly works as a choreographer in Bobo Dioulasso and around the world; with his Cie. Faso Dance Théâtre and freely with colleagues such as Farid Berki in France, Moïse Touré in Ivory Coast, Marrukegu Company in Australia, Cherkaoui and Platel in Belgium. His powerful choreographies explore African culture and the relationship between Africa and Europe. Most recently, Wakatt (2020) and Kalakuta Republic (2016) toured in numerous theaters and festivals worldwide.

Mey SEIFAN / Tanween

Mey Seifan (Syria,Ger)is a Choreographer, lecturer, cultural manager and activist. She is experimenting since 2011 with dreams, absurdity, collective trauma and dark humor. Mey Seifan is the founder of the TANWEEN collective based in Berlin. For the project "How am I Here?!" she is collaborating with egyptian choreographer, theorist, and curator Adham Hafez, the Visual Artist and Cognitive Dream Researcher Mert Akbal, as well as the media library for dance and theatre of the ITI.