Dance as a means of resistance and dialogue

"In every note, in every movement lies the power to build bridges."
(Martha Graham) 

The new year is just one month old and we are confronted with news about a secret meeting of far-right and identitarian circles where the so-called "remigration", de facto deportation, of people with a history of migration was discussed in all seriousness. These revelations show frighteningly clearly how intensively right-wing forces in this country are working to destroy our democracy and our values of a diverse society.

While hundreds of thousands gather on the streets to demonstrate in favour of liberal democracy and diversity in our society, another division seems to be emerging at the same time - this time in the art scene. The conflicts in the Middle East have led to hardened positions that have not spared the dance scene. This polarisation is fuelled by open letters and calls for a boycott.    
It is difficult to accept that the space for diverse opinions seems to be dwindling and that this debate is playing into the hands of those who are working to dismantle our democracy.

It is clear that our world is currently facing crises that are overwhelming, which can lead to fears and social divisions. As the German Dance Association for such a diverse dance landscape, we would like to reflect with you on how we can meet these challenges through our art form and make a greater contribution to building bridges, overcoming prejudices, and having a unifying effect.
After all, dance is more than just movement; it is a powerful language that connects people from the most diverse backgrounds. The diversity of our dance community is a strength that we can utilise to bring about positive change in our society.

The dance professionals living here come from all over the world. With their multi-layered and diverse signatures, they design stages and perform in both rural and urban spaces. Living diversity is the practice that dance chooses to highlight and celebrate differences together. We as the umbrella organisation Dachverband Tanz Deutschland, with our member associations, member institutions, archives, ballet and dance ensembles, independent collectives, production houses and dance schools, artists, educators and academics - we will not allow people to be discriminated against, harassed, marginalised or even endangered in this country because of their skin colour, origin, language and religion, diverse bodies or different sexual orientations!

Let's work together to find ways in which we as dance professionals can create a space for differentiated opinions and dialogue between different positions, where we listen to each other without losing sight of the basic principles of our society. Dance can not only be an expression of resistance, but also a means of dialogue.

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Voices of dance - the podcast of the Dachverband Tanz Deutschland

NEW! The third season of the "VOICES OF DANCE" podcast from Dachverband Tanz Deutschland - which is all about dance:digital.

Working with VR, AR or motion capturing has not only arrived on the dance scene since the coronavirus pandemic. Immersive productions are not only to be found in the games or fashion industry. The German Dance Association has been supporting the scene since 2021 with the tanz:digital funding programme.
A programme that aims to strengthen dance artists, dance ensembles and dance institutions in the media presentation of artistic productions.
In this podcast, artists talk about their experiences and challenges of working creatively with new technologies.

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Dachverband Tanz Deutschland acts as a long-term network partner for dance professionals, cultural practitioners, civil society actors, and politicians at the state, federal, and EU levels. In this context, Dachverband Tanz Deutschland carries out networking, advisory and mediation work for professional dance practitioners, associations and art and educational institutions. On the individual project pages you will find detailed information about the projects and individual events and workshops.


Die neue Plattform TANZ:DIGITAL

Die neue Plattform ist online. Watch! Explore! Connect!

tanz:digital ist eine Community-Plattform in der Trägerschaft des Dachverbands Tanz Deutschland (DTD). Nach einem gleichnamigen Förderprogramm, das drei Jahre lang die Erforschung und Entwicklung digitaler Medien für den Tanz zu erforschen half, markiert tanz:digital nun einen greifbaren Ort, an dem sich die Ergebnisse zeigen. Es ist ein Ort, an dem sich Forschende, Vermittelnde und Kunstschaffende aus der Tanzwelt und der digitalen Produktion treffen, um im Austausch eine Entwicklung voranzutreiben.