DTD Ethics Commission

Thoughts of the DTD Ethics Commission on the Middle East conflict - 2023/11/06

Introduction and context:

It is very difficult to fully grasp and understand the events in the Middle East. We struggle to find the 'right' words and at the same time know that they can never be the 'right' ones for everyone. We too have not been able to reach a clear consent...
Nevertheless, we do not want to remain silent.

Thoughts of the DTD Ethics Commission on the Middle East conflict

We are deeply shocked and concerned by the inhuman violence in the Middle East. Our sympathy goes out to all those who are victims of the escalating violence caused by Hamas terror attacks and by the Israeli armed forces in Gaza. The resulting hardened, po larizing and hostile reactions on our streets and on social media are disturbing and challenge our pluralistic society.

We as the Ethics Commission of the Dachverband Tanz Deutschland ask ourselves what art and dance can do to encourage discourse and deal with ambivalence. Our attention is drawn to the human body. National, ethnic, religious and cultural assumptions and labels are often attached to the body without reflection. As an artistic medium, dance in its many forms can shake up categorizations so that each individual is seen as a human being.

We would therefore like to take action and use the next Traveling Salon as a platform for further exchange. We want to listen to dance professionals from different backgrounds, religious orientations and physicality who live in Germany and are directly affected, and consider together how and what dance in particular can contribute to creating respectful human coexistence.