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Information about the German Dance Association

The German Dance Association is committed to dance in Germany.

Thank you for visiting our website.


Are you interested in dance?

Are you artistically active in the field of dance yourself?

Then our projects are certainly interesting for you.

Our goal is to create great projects in dance and to improve the networking of the dance scene.

Projects and fields of work:

On our website we present our projects and fields of work.

Important projects are for example:

  • the German Dance Award
  • the Symposium Positions:Dance (a conference that takes place once a year)
  • the funding program DIS-TANZEN
  • dance digital

Important fields of work are for example:

  • Social issues in dance
  • networking of the dance scene
  • Cultural heritage dance
  • Dance science
  • Dance medicine

Unfortunately, there is still very little content available in Plain Language and/or German Sign Language.

This should be improved in the future.

History of the association:

The German Dance Association was founded in 2006.

The predecessor of German Dance Association was the "Ständige Konferenz Tanz", established in 2004.

We are an association.

There is a statute.

We have many members from the dance scene.

What do we do?

We network, mediate, advise and promote in the field of dance.

We develop position papers.

We develop events that enable exchange.

We develop initiatives that strengthen dance and dance artists.

All members are committed to a code of conduct for more diversity and to prevent abuse of power.

Our website:

The Dachverband Tanz Deutschland website was completely redesigned in 2021.

You can reach the website via the internet address:

On the landing page, under "News", you will find information on events and content-related news.

Under "Projects" you will find information about our projects.

Under "Fields of work" you will find information on various topics.

Under "About us" you will find information about our members, the board and our staff.

Under "Contact" you will find information on how to reach us.

There is a statement on reducing barriers to access.

If information is not accessible, you can report it to us.

We will try to make the information accessible to you.

Accessibility contact:

Jette Büchsenschütz


Phone: 030 992 119 114
Monday, from 10 to 12 Uhr
+49 030 37443392

Your team at Dachverband Tanz Deutschland e.V.