produktionsbande netzwerk performing arts producers e. v.

produktionsbande is a network of and for production managers, producers, art workers, strategists and those who see themselves as actors in artistic production in the independent performing arts.
Together we move at the interfaces in artistic production processes and examine them as connections between idea and organization, concept and structure, production and administration. In this interface position, we engage in an exchange with actors, initiatives, networks, associations, institutions and funding bodies in order to discuss and sustainably improve working conditions in the field.

As a multi-voiced association, produktionsbande strengthens the transfer of knowledge between those involved in artistic production. We conceive and implement formats such as network meetings, workshops, residencies and mentoring programs to strengthen the exchange of knowledge, which we see as an opportunity for joint networking. In doing so, produktionsbande sees itself as a space of opportunity and a field of experimentation for transferring discourses into working practices.
In cultural policy matters, we bring heterogeneous perspectives of producers as interfaces between art practice and structural framework conditions into current discourses. We see this heterogeneity as a means of addressing the complexity of current and future challenges on a cultural policy level with intersectional solutions.