Materials Here I inform myself

The following collection of materials brings together different sources. Here you will find practical instructions for action and possible measures as well as sample formulations for establishing legal tools.

The collections, catalogs of measures and studies list a variety of other sources that can be found in the respective publication. The following presentation is intended as a non-exhaustive collection without any claim to completeness. It is not a bibliography. As an introduction and reference to the terms used, the Diversity Arts Culture Dictonary or the Glossary of Discrimination Critical Perspectives at the Intersection of Arts and Education (information available only in German) are recommended.

Please feel free to send additional references to materials to

Existing legal protection

General Equal Treatment Act (AGG) and Federal Anti-Discrimination Agency (ADS)

Berlin State Anti-Discrimination Act ( and Berlin State Anti-Discrimination Agency (LADS)

  • Materials on the LADG (information available only in German/simple laguages)

Contractual implementation options Anti-discrimination protection in theaters

Commitments, Code of Conduct (CoC)

Works or service agreements

Anti-racism/discrimination clause in the contract

Studies cultural business

Collections and publications on organizational structures in the cultural sector / possible and necessary measures