Ethic-comission dates: What, when and where?


  • April 2024



    Values and implementation - discrimination-sensitive good practice of networks and associations


    Online event organised by the DTD Ethics Commission

    This exchange between associations and networks is intended to take stock of projects on issues of discrimination, diversity and anti-Semitism in the performing arts. We are asking about the successes and obstacles of some of the projects that have been realised and are looking for topics that are currently being neglected and can be developed in the future.

    Representatives of networks and performing arts organisations are invited.

    n the first part of the three-hour event, three good practice examples will be presented and discussed in small groups (breakout rooms). The second part will focus on the search for future areas of development and a collection of further topics. This exchange will be continued in a next online event in autumn.

    The event will be moderated by Christina Barandun.