Here you find information for funded artists (update 13th of June / work in progress)


Information about the Preliminary Meetings and following steps


Program of the internationale tanzmesse nrw

The program of internationale tanzmesse nrw has already been published at



Insofar you are funded through DTD within the project "Tanz aus Deutschland", you must have received an Email with an URL with which you can register yourself. After the process of registration, there is the opportunity to book Tickets for performances at the internationale tanzmesse nrw. This will be possible from the 1st of June 2022 on. 

Attention: There have been Pishing Mails sent. Please be aware and always double check if the Mail from the Tanzmesse nrw looks trustable. 


Area of DTD and the cooperation partners ( = Dance Update Germany Area)

The Area of the DTD and the cooperating partners is located on the ground floor in the building. The booth-number will be announced soon.


Video/Trailer material

Throughout the project of funded artists, there can be video material submitted until 30th June 2022 to present information of your work at the booth and to give professional audience insights with videos hosted on a local webiste. 

Please send the material to:

Please have a look to our guidelines before submitting the material: Guideline for requirements of the Video Material


Hotel / Accomodation in Düsseldorf

Funded artists who don´t have an privat accomodation possibility can reach out to us. The DTD has reserved rooms at Motel One Düsseldorf Hbf (79,00 Euro per Night per Person). We will send you a formular in order to make the reservation. First come, first served. Deadline 19th July 2022.


Travel expanse invoice after the visit at internationale tanzmesse nrw

Funded artists can submit an invoice after the visit at the internationale tanzmesse nrw. The Bundesreisekostengesetz applies in that case.

More helpful information here: Touring Artists

You can find the formular of the travel expanse invoice here: